You Don't Know My Name

The truth is that a vast majority of people these days are outside of a meaningful church connection and I don’t believe they are looking in the church's direction. So, that means we’ve got to look in their direction. Here are some tips toward “looking outward:”

Remember…remember their name!

I attended a week-long seminar about connecting with people. I thought I was a pretty good connector. Mid-way through the week, we formed a circle. I had no idea this was coming, but here’s what we had to do. Each of us had to go around the circle and say each person’s name that we could remember. If we couldn’t remember their name, we had to walk over to them, look them in the eye and say: “I didn’t care enough to know your name.” That had a huge impact on me as to how connected I am to the people around me. How much I pay attention. How much I care.

Do I notice the people God is putting in my path to connect with? Am I getting to know them? Am I really listening? Am I looking into their eyes and into the window of their soul? Did I care enough to remember their name?

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